BIB1100 Exploring the Old Testament Missionally

Course Overview

Educational Level: Lower undergraduate, Associate
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Matthew Michael

Course Description:

An introduction to the Hebrew Bible from the perspective of missions. With an eye on the mission motifs embedded in Scripture, this study explores the revealed mission purposes of God rooted in Yahwehs covenant with Israel, and gives an historical overview of the call, election and positioning of Israel as Yahwehs voice and light to the nations of the earth.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Modern scholarship on the Old Testament has often neglected the defining importance of missions in the writings, thoughts, and worldview of the Hebrew Bible. Departing from this approach, the course will introduce the student to the significant role of missions in the entire spectrum of the Hebrew Bible. This perspective will help the student in his/her study of the New Testament, pastoral work, and participation in the Great Commission because the course will provide the needed guidance to the understanding of Gods missionary activities in the Old Testament. It will also serve as an important foundation to Gods continuous involvement in the works of mission.

Why This Course Is Important:

The Old Testament has made a significant impact on the emergence of the modern society in terms of its radical ideas of justice, dignity of the poor, care for the environment, great laws and legislations, liberation against tyranny, arts and creativity, politics and commerce, ethics and morality, transformation of the human society, and its vision of utopia. Due to this significant influence, the mission-centered approach to the study of the Old Testament will further reinvigorate these important themes of the Old Testament by placing them in their appropriate context of Gods mission to the world. Consequently, it is expected that the student of the Old Testament will help in the transformation of the human society and the salvation of the world by his/her participation in Gods continuous works of missions to the world as laid down in the Old Testament.