BIB4300 General Epistles & the Mission of God

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Fergus King

Course Description:

Examines the outworking of the mission of God via key themes: the people of God are described as pilgrims and sojourners facing suffering and persecution for the name of Jesus Christ and the shame/dishonour of ancient society associated with such affliction. Nevertheless, they are called to respond appropriately by living holy lives in the midst of false teaching and antagonism to the Gospel, persevering in hope and acknowledging Gods sovereignty over all rulers. Particular attention is given to understanding mission from an eschatological perspective, with the church as a body of pilgrims and resident aliens walking a fine line between submission to the authorities and courageous witness to the Lord.

How This Course Benefits Students:

In this course, the learner is exposed to some of the more challenging realities of mission, including adversity, persecution, and dishonor. In light of this, what ought believers to do and how should they react/act in ways which are biblically and missionally responsible as they await the certain return of Christ?

Why This Course Is Important:

These short letters may not include the Great Commission or have glowing accounts of the churches success that we read of in other New Testament texts. Instead, the reader is confronted with the realities of mission and living in a fallen world, where Christians have much to learn from Jesus’s response to adversity, insult, and persecution. In light of this, the church is called to imitate Christ’s example and persevere by continuing in its mission of preaching and living out the Gospel message in a sometimes hostile environment which is anti-Christ and anti-Christian.