BIB5120 Analysis of Pauline Theology & Missional Practice

Course Overview

Educational Level: Graduate, Master
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Fergus King

Course Description:

Paul is an ancient personality who must first be rooted in the social and historical context of the first century world in order to understand how he went about his work. Some of the more important theological expressions of Paul (e.g., justification) are examined from a missional perspective, followed by concentrating on Pauls missional strategy where we investigate Pauls preference to work alongside a variety of co-workersmale and femalein different locations and at various times as he fulfilled his mandate of apostle to the Gentiles. While we consider these different issues, we also have an eye on major contemporary questions in Pauline studies, including whether Paul expected his communities to be centripetally or centrifugally focused in their missional orientation.

How This Course Benefits Students:

The bachelor level course is intended to help the student understand the theology as well as the realities, strategies and methods Paul employed in his mission. The Masters course assumes some of this knowledge but seeks to extend the students understanding by grappling with the collaborative nature of Pauls missionary work and also engaging key contemporary issues debated by interpreters and miss-iologists alike, including for example, whether the Apostle Paul expected his early Christian comm- unities to evangelize.

Why This Course Is Important:

When most Christians think of Paul, they usually regard him as a letter-writer, pastor or a theologianrarely is Paul considered from the perspective of missionary. In recent years, however, New Testament interpreters have begun to address this neglected dimension to Pauls ministry making this a vital contemporary topic to explore. But Paul was not a missionary in our twenty-first century understanding; rather, he was an apostolic missionary whose theology was nothing less than an out-working of the mission of God whom he loved and served.