BIB6320 Advanced Mission of God in OT Poetry

Course Overview

Educational Level: Graduate, Master
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Stephen Sumner

Course Description:

Ancient Israelite poetry has received renewed attention. This course introduces students to trends, trajectories and defining contributions in the study of Israelite poetry. The student will analyze critical presuppositions and ideologies at work in the study of Hebrew poetry, with attention given to the missiological function of poetry in Israel and the importance of Gods mission in its composition and use.

How This Course Benefits Students:

The course examines the missiological message in the composition of Hebrew poetry. These poetic compositions invigorated the worship and spirituality of ancient Israel through the celebration and description of Gods saving acts on behalf of Israel.The understanding of the missiological importance of the Old Testament poetry will directly impact the students teaching, preaching and interpretation of Gods word, and further enhance the recognition and appreciation of Gods saving acts in his/her lives.

Why This Course Is Important:

Old Testament poetry describes Yahwehs deeds of salvation on behalf of ancient Israel. However, the story of salvation in ancient Israelite poetry has its climax in the revelation of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. This understanding of Gods works of salvation in Israelite poetic composition naturally demands the need to help students understand as well as participate in the celebration and appreciation of Gods sovereign redemptive plan in salvation of the world.