BUS3710 Applied Biblical Ethics in the Marketplace

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Ignatius Meimaris

Course Description:

This course looks at the global marketplace, and the need businesses and organizations (both for profit as well as not for profit) have to operate based on business ethics and specifically on biblical ethics as the applied tools for excellence and effectiveness for the students to impact the business world.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Based on a survey conducted back in 2001, (Church on Sunday, Work on Monday: The Challenge of Fusing Christian Values with Business Life September 10, 2001, by Laura Nash (Author), Ken Blanchard (Author), Scotty McLennan (Author), 90% of church goers in America said that they had not heard sermons that connected faith to the marketplace. So the need to bridge the divide that exists among many not just in America but across the world is crucial, especially as according to the book mentioned above business was looked upon negatively by the church. Faith is practiced not just in church communities but must be worked out where people live and work. As students will pursue their God given talents they need to wrestle with the question how their faith translates in their workplace as well as other areas of their lives in order to be effective Kingdom citizens.

Why This Course Is Important:

One of the largest parts of the army_of the Lord in the church has not been utilized effectively for the Kingdom purposes, the people who daily engage in the marketplace in all sector of our community globally. Biblical ethics are crucial tools for their engagement.