BUS5105 International Business & Marketing

Course Overview

Educational Level: Graduate, Master
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: STAFF

Course Description:

Develops and cultivates the leadership skills of students within international business and marketing. Within this course students will learn the different strategies to enter foreign markets and the ethical practices that drive success in todays international competitive markets. This course is designed to enrich a business leaders propensity for engagement in global business and how business leaders operate. This course encompasses a variety of coursework in international business development and modern day leadership required for diversity in global markets.

How This Course Benefits Students:

The International Business & Marketing class focuses on students’ applying the tenets of entering a foreign market. Understanding the global strategies, theories of international markets and their cultures (Hofstedes international dimensions) International business research will be applied in this course. Leadership and Marketing in foreign markets will be pivotal for this class, especially based on analyzing and interpreting different modes of international entry by applying: International Business Practices and Marketing strategies for student projects for this class.

Why This Course Is Important:

Ethics in business is a very important topic today. Business ethics taught from the Holy Bible is necessary especially from the word of God. Mission oriented individuals with training in ethical business practices will change the essence of business practices.