CHP4100 Church Planting in High Density Cities

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Sean Benesh

Course Description:

In recent years, church planting training has focused on starting churches in low-density residential areas which are predicated upon car-based commuting patterns. Because of the large shift of populations to cities, a new approach is now needed. Therefore, this course prepares students for effective church planting in high-density neighborhoods.

How This Course Benefits Students:

As our world continues to urbanize, it is prudent for students to learn to not only the complexity of planting churches in high-density global cities, but to begin understanding a framework for doing so. Students will need to develop a rudimentary understanding of how the built environment shapes and influences not only the culture of cities, but the lives of those who live within. This skill and understanding has never been more important in all of human history than now.

Why This Course Is Important:

With the world continuing to urbanize, particularly in the developing world, it means that we need to engage in church planting in higher density settings, whether among the urban poor in slum communities or elite in high-rise towers, where urban form and transportation are factored into the church planting strategy.