CHP4120 Church Planting in Multihousing Environments

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Ronnie Cox

Course Description:

How to apply principles of multihousing ministry to church planting efforts. Will include examples from practitioners and processes for moving from singular events to relationships that lead to the formation of small groups. Will then focus on multiplication of small groups and determination of essential characteristics what constitutes a new church plant.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Student will explore a new venue for starting churches. In most church planting areas, at least a small cluster of apartment communities will be available for ministry. They should have completed some basic course on multihousing ministry, and will now see the value of intentional work here as a way to connect with many more, much more quickly. Additionally, the student will be able to apply the process to neighborhood ministry.

Why This Course Is Important:

All church planters will discover an entirely new population; 96% of which are not engaged in a local church. They may discover that this is perhaps the easiest way to begin the search for persons of peace and form the core group for a new church plant. Should they fail to understand the multihousing piece, in many cases they will eliminate over 40% of the population in their church planting target area. It is therefore relevant to their strategy to engage every pocket of people in order to effectively reach a community and start a new church.