CJS3710 Sharing Your Faith with Offenders

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Prof. Karl Taylor

Course Description:

This course addresses the similarities of one’s faith with that of others. It also stresses the importance of listening to other individual’s stories as well as sharing your own story that is similar to theirs. The learners will share each others stories of faith and write a short verbatim using some of the tools they shall develop in the form of an acronym.

How This Course Benefits Students:

In the field of chaplaincy it is important to be able to meet a client where they are according to their faith tradition. It is through the sharing of one’s faith that will achieve successfully meeting a client where they are. This course will help prepare the learners in the role of a chaplain to share their faith ethically, that is to say, without imposing on a clients faith tradition. In correctional facilities there are multicultures that consist of many different religions. From the perspective of the nation’s professional prison chaplains, in 2012, America’s state penitentiaries are a bustle of religious activity. More than seven-in-ten (73%) state prison chaplains say that efforts by inmates to proselytize or convert other inmates are either very common (31%) or somewhat common (43%). About three-quarters of the chaplains say that a lot (26%) or some (51%) religious switching occurs among inmates in the prisons where they work. Chaplains share their faith to offer Christ not to force Christ. The offenders must be allowed to chose for themselves. __

Why This Course Is Important:

Sharing one’s faith often adheres to a person’s spiritual need.