CJS4530 Investigation of Sexual Assault

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Prof. Tari Colon

Course Description:

This course will explore the phenomenon of rape and sexual crimes including; myths about rape and rapists, recovery from sexual assault, information about sex offenders, and sexual exploitation including human trafficking. Gaining a better understanding of the complexity of these issues will be gained by exploring and considering psychological, societal, legal and cultural contexts.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Any minister, lay leader, or mission minded believer is responsible for preventing, through awareness and understanding, sex crimes and assisting those who are or have been victims of sex crimes. This includes law enforcement, social workers, ministers, friends, neighbors and family. Those within the criminal justice profession seeking to live out a missional calling through their work would benefit from a structured and guided engagement about sexual assault, sex crimes, sex-offenders and sex victims. The topic regarding sexual crimes affects all in society. Members of the community would benefit in a better understanding of and knowledge of sexual assault and sex crimes.

Why This Course Is Important:

Sexual assault and crime has far-reaching application. Sexual assault victims suffer tremendous amounts of physical and psychological trauma. Victim blaming can cause physical, financial and emotional hardships throughout and after the criminal justice process. Understanding, recognizing and offering services to victims of sexual assault can help alleviate trauma and reduce secondary victimization. This application of supporting and providing services to those who have been victimized has long been explored in the Christian faith. It would benefit the larger mission of God for mission-minded individuals with training in criminal justice as well as community members to become active regarding the support of victims of sex crimes.