CJS6540 Investigation of Child Abuse and Neglect

Course Overview

Educational Level: Graduate, Master
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Prof. Tari Colon

Course Description:

This course will examine the various facets of child abuse and neglect, both theoretical and practical. Among the topics to be covered in detail are the laws regarding child abuse and neglect, the power of the state to intervene when allegations of abuse or neglect are made, the child protective process, mandated reporting laws, the investigation into allegations of abuse and neglect, and the legal process. This course will address a broad spectrum of issues associated with abuse and neglect to include definitions of high risk families, factors that cause child maltreatment, families affected by substance abuse, emotional abuse, physical and sexual abuse, Long term effects of abuse on children and treatment and prevention will also be covered.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Any minister, lay leader, or mission minded believer is responsible for preventing child abuse and neglect. This includes law enforcement, social workers, ministers, friends, neighbors and family. Those within the criminal justice profession seeking to live out a missional calling through their work would benefit from a structured and guided engagement about child abuse and neglect. The topic regarding how to recognize and address child abuse and neglect is a topic that affects all in society. Members of the community would benefit in a better understanding of and knowledge of child abuse and neglect.

Why This Course Is Important:

Child abuse and neglect has far-reaching application. Child abuse and neglect can result in physical and psychological developmental delays. Child abuse and neglect can continue into a cycle of abuse through generations. Understanding, recognizing and offering services to families and victims can help prevent abuse and neglect for current and future families. This application of protecting those that cannot protect themselves has long been explored in the Christian faith. It would benefit the larger mission of God for mission-minded individuals with training in criminal justice as well as community members to become active regarding the recognition and protection of our most vulnerable citizens.