CJS6720 Sharing Your Faith with Offenders

Course Overview

Educational Level: Graduate, Master
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Prof. Karl Taylor

Course Description:

The learners will share each others faith stories and discuss them in the discussion section of the course room . In this course the learners will construct an assessment tool, using the different methodologies they shall learn throughout this course. They will develop an acronym to retain the information. Learners shall write a complete verbatim using the different methodologies they display in their acronym.

How This Course Benefits Students:

This course will challenge the learners to utilize different methodologies that have proven to be successful in sharing faith with offenders. It will prepare the learners on how to address the different religious beliefs ethically. Within todays correctional institutions skilled chaplains are needed to help in the spiritual and moral transformation of offenders. In order to assist in transforming offenders believers must be able to share faith with offenders. Sharing each others’ faith allows the believers (chaplains, volunteers, and laymen) to meet offenders where they are._A 50 State Survey of Prison Chaplains revealed that 90% say they have one-on-one contact with at least a quarter of all the inmates in the facility where they work, and two thirds (66%) say that personally leading worship services, religious instruction sessions or spiritual counseling sessions is among the top three activities on which they spend the most time. _

Why This Course Is Important:

Sharing one’s faith often adheres to a person’s spiritual need.