CMT2100 Understanding Communities

Course Overview

Educational Level: Lower undergraduate, Associate
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Darryl Tukufu

Course Description:

Introduces students to the evolution and nature of human communities from a geographical, historical, religious, and sociological perspective. Particular attention that may be explored include community formation and change, cooperation within and between communities, claiming communities for Christ, and the need to address community/urban concerns.

How This Course Benefits Students:

According to Cities and Urban Life (Macionis and Parillo:2013), The reasons why cities have increasing dominance in modern affairs is that everything human—art, music, business, traditions what we love and hate—converges there. cities will continue to grow around the world and more particularly, in Africa and Asia.

Why This Course Is Important:

Communities will continue to be important as a majority of individuals will live in such areas and/or building and relocating to urban areas around the world. Knowledge of community and urbanism is a great opportunity to join God where He is working and with the hope and freedom that can be found in Him. We have the opportunity to join Him in His mission.