CMT4130 Community Led Research for Social Change

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Bethany Harris

Course Description:

Students will examine the different approaches to community based participatory research methods from government/academic led to community managed. While assessing each method students will develop best practice strategies for social change.

How This Course Benefits Students:

When conducting research, community based participatory research will provide a more accurate picture of the current reality in your community. When studying a community issue, this advantage can lead to a true understanding of its nature, its causes, and its effects in the community, and can provide a solid basis for a strategy to resolve it. As a main goal of community research is to identify and resolve an issue or problem, and to improve the quality of life for the community as a whole, students possessing an understanding of community based participatory research will have an advantage.

Why This Course Is Important:

The research learned in this class has multiple applications, including the empowerment of the participants, the gathering of the best, most current, and most accurate information available, gathering community support for the effort, and social change that leads to a healthier community for everyone.