CMT6110 Assessing Postcolonialism: Consequences of Imperialism

Course Overview

Educational Level: Graduate, Master
Credit Hours: 3 Credits

Course Description:

Postcolonial ideologies and practices bring ill effect to numerous people and lands even in the present day. This course will examine historic colonial and imperial subjugation that on numerous occasions has come with great detrimental cost. Students will appraise the impacts of these applications and formulate interpretation of their assessments.

How This Course Benefits Students:

The course examines historical colonial and imperial ideologies and practices that have been put into practice over the last century so as to better assist students in identifying related societal exploitation and human suffering that have and continue to influence and shape the culture in which the students finds themselves engaged.

Why This Course Is Important:

Unequal distribution of power and economic resources are important issues in a globalized world. The cause and effect of the inequalities that have been produced by postcolonial ideologies and practices are important to be able to identify and respond to at a heightened level of understanding and compassion. As one better understands the context and historical impacts of colonial and imperial practice within the country they are engaged, they can better identify with and value those individuals within those circumstances, while diminishing the possibility to other those of different cultures and contexts. This course extends the opportunity to analyze and assimilate these ideologies and practices for these purposes.