ORG3330 Collaboration at Scale: Leading Coalitions

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Karen Hatley

Course Description:

What is scalability and what are coalitions? In business, scalability involves expansion and revenue growth while limiting operational costs. In ministry settings, scalability could involve both physical and spiritual growth. Coalitions, unlike alliances, are short-term groupings of rival entities who share a common aim. Generally, coalitions do not involve meetings of the minds or sharing of resources. Collaboration at Scale: Leading Coalitions examines the potential and complexity of large-scale collaborative efforts, and evaluates how to lead them effectively. Students will discover the characteristics, conditions, and dynamics of various coalitions.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Scalability allows for expansion within organizations. An understanding of skills necessary to lead a large-scale collaborative effort is critical in today’s fast-moving world.

Why This Course Is Important:

Leading boundary-spanning coalitions is essential in an interconnected 21st century. Conditions for making a collective impact through coalitions will be identified.