COM6210 Issues in Communication Theory for Christian Witness

Course Overview

Educational Level: Graduate, Master
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Troy Borst

Course Description:

The second level of Communication Theory for Christian Witness delves further into the process of human communication from the point of view of effectively bringing the message of the Logos meaningfully and clearly into the wide-range of often very different human contexts. The Christian witness moves into the communication process recognizing the presence of both objective and subjective realities. This class also looks into the biblical and philosophical questions surrounding the various assumptions that the communicator brings into the communication process, encouraging critical thinking over the matter of the nature of the Christian message of the Gospel.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Communication Theory in Christian Witness gives students the necessary tools for better evaluating how to present the Gospel with particular emphasis on missional contexts where communication takes place across linguistic and cultural barriers.

Why This Course Is Important:

Communication Theory in Christian Witness provides students the opportunity to explore critical questions and possibilities in their search to become better missional communicators of the Gospel across a wide range of contexts. The Masters level course prompts students to think more critically about their own assumptions and strengthen their ability to discern unchanging Biblical truth in relation to subjective opinions and traditions that often become confused with the Christian message in missional settings.