CTH6500 Improvisation and Drama Therapy

Course Overview

Educational Level: Graduate, Master
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. J.L. Guerriero

Course Description:

Through reading, discussion, and experience students consider the relationship between improvisation and the unscripted drama processes used in drama therapy. Students survey the history of improvisation, including the work of Viola Spolin, Paul Sills, and Keith Johnstone. Through theatre games, TheatreSports, and a variety of improvisation techniques, students will develop their spontaneity and ability to think on their feet.

How This Course Benefits Students:

This course will provide knowledge and skills for unscripted theatre, which is the backbone of Drama Therapy. Students who take this course will not be limited to using these skills in Drama Therapy; but they will be useful in a variety of settings, including churches, youth groups, and anywhere else that groups are found. It will also fulfill requirements at the graduate level for students to pursue the Registered Drama Therapist credential with the North American Drama Therapy Association.

Why This Course Is Important:

This course is important because Drama Therapy is a completely unscripted modality and it is important for students to understand and be comfortable with the improvisational process.