DSP5300 Forced Migration & Human Trafficking

Course Overview

Educational Level: Graduate, Master
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Olivia Owusu-Boakyewaah

Course Description:

Examination of human trafficking and forced migration. It considers different types of human trafficking and the scope of the problem, both domestically and globally. Emphasis on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual trauma experienced by victims and the methods used to recruit and control them. Entities such as government, the media, faith-based organizations, organized crime and culture and their roles play in this complex issue will also be explored.

How This Course Benefits Students:

This course is intended for students with specific research interests in these areas force migration and human trafficking. It is also intended for people of civil society organizations and governmental organizations involved in forced migration and human rights issues, including human trafficking and smuggling, protection of refugees and stateless persons, immigration, protection of internally displaced persons.

Why This Course Is Important:

This course is essential because it will prepare students for to serve as human right advocates on causes of forced migration and human trafficking. Student will be prepared to support law and regulations against this social problem.