ELD3200 Contextualized Disciplemaking

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. John Brittain

Course Description:

The course establishes an understanding of how to most effectively make disciples within one’s cultural context. Students will develop a deeper awareness of the culture around them, or a future ministry context, while building on their own experience as disciplemakers. Each student will be expected to present an effective strategy of disciplemaking within a particular context of ministry.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Missional leaders need to have a disciplemaking strategy that contextualizes the gospel within the culture and context that is inherent to their ministry setting. Often when a person travels to minister new people group or location it takes time and effort to establish an awareness of a different cultural environment. This course will offer students advanced insight as they make disciples cross-culturally.

Why This Course Is Important:

The course Contextualized Disciplemaking is critical to missional leaders who minister from place to place. Within each new environment unique cultural implications are discovered. This course will guide students at Missional University to go both deeper and wider as they navigate their ministry settings and make disciples.

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