ENS2200 Earth Resources & Sustainable Development

Course Overview

Educational Level: Lower undergraduate, Associate
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Eric Tangumonkem

Course Description:

Our civilization is heavy dependent on the extraction, transformation and utilization of Earth resources. These natural resources are not infinite, therefore the need for sustainable development. This course will cover the fundamentals of earth resources such as coal, gold, petroleum, mineral sands, and base metals, and geothermal energy. Special emphasis will be placed on the sustainable exploitation and utilization of these and other earth resources.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Earth Resources are not infinite; this course will provide the foundation every missional student needs for understanding how to exploit earth resources sustainably.

Why This Course Is Important:

Any student who wants to understand why there is legislation geared towards environmental protection must begin with thecommand for man to tend the garden of Eden. This course will provide the foundation for understanding how the environmental communications has changed over time.