BUS5305 Entrepreneurship in the International Marketplace

Course Overview

Educational Level: Graduate, Master
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Ignatius Meimaris

Course Description:

Developing a business or an organization internationally that is based on Biblical principles will be the focus of this course from its conceptual stage to the final implementation of the project. Vision, community involvement, entrepreneurship, impact and evaluation of the project will be dealt with.

How This Course Benefits Students:

There are many who have ideas of what they would like to do but without planning the ideas never come to fruition. There has been a great percentage of funded businesses and organizations that due to mismanagement and lack of planning they closed. There is a need for distinguishing a vision from daydreaming in this area. So, students that are interested in developing a business or an organization will be involved in articulating their vision and all the necessary steps needed to realize their goal. It will be customized to their needs.

Why This Course Is Important:

Only the student who considers wholistically a God given vision and sees it to its fruition along with the reality that God is interested in the student to get to know him more will be able to truly have an effective missional living in the marketplace.