FTH3320 Fundamentals of Video Production

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Prof. Rick Beeman

Course Description:

The visual medium is a powerful tool. Fundamentals of Video Production will detail all the aspects of video production from scripting, preproduction, production and post-production/editing. The visual medium is often used as metaphors for life especially in film/tv. Thus the metaphor can be properly used to break down the discipline of video production. Pre-production is the strategy to go after in the scavenger hunt. Production is the scavenger hunt where you search for the proper visual and auditory materials to construct your piece. Post-production is where you take your hundreds if not thousands of pieces of disparate information and piece it together like a jigsaw puzzle creating one canvas meant to elicit a desired response.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Practical tools you need to plan out an effective video production. From sourcing the story, to obtaining all the proper recording equipment, to setting up the talent/interviews, to shooting the footage and then piecing it together in post-production adding graphics, music, animation etc all facets will be covered in this course. There is a reason why feature films have hundreds sometimes thousands of crew member that contribute to making of the project. We will show you ways how you can adapt your video project to meet any type of crew or budget.

Why This Course Is Important:

Video as interpreted by film/tv can be one of the most powerful influences on the planet. Learning how to master this tool will aid you in harnessing that power to spread your desired message to your specific audience.