FTH3400 Screenwriting for Film

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Prof. Rick Beeman

Course Description:

A good story is the foundation for any great media project. The script is the first step in the collaborate process that unites all the disciplines together. The script can be considered the blueprint that that is used to build the house. We will examine the three act structure with the two plot points that transition the acts. There are formulas that have been used in screenwriting since the advent of the camera. We will also study other accomplished screenwriters to learn how they honed their craft. Ultimately we will write our own project putting into practice what we have learned.

How This Course Benefits Students:

There are many techniques that one can use when crafting a screenplay. We will examine those techniques to determine the right fit for the student. From the practical aspect of properly formatting a screenplay and the right software to use to construct that format to discipline that one can acquire in order to allow the creativity to flow all will be covered in this course. There is an axiom that a good story covers many flaws. As long as the story is compelling the viewer will more likely disregard errors in production and editing. The Screenplay is the foundational piece that makes this axiom possible.

Why This Course Is Important:

Everyone is always selling something. This something can be ourselves, a message, a product or a lifestyle. Learning how to harness the power of the screenplay helps us delineate that message and allows us to provide a framework to sell our message. Whether we ultimately make the media project ourselves or hand it off to others the screenplay will provide the framework to get the message to our desired audience.