GEL2100 Ethnogeology

Course Overview

Educational Level: Lower undergraduate, Associate
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Eric Tangumonkem

Course Description:

This course is an introduction to how ancient people groups understood and related to the geology of the specific areas in which they lived. It will take a global look at how cultures over time have been influenced and shaped by their geology and use of geologic materials. Special emphasis will be placed on how these cultures interpreted geologic phenomena such has earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, and related hazards.

How This Course Benefits Students:

There is a concerted effort by many to explain away the supernatural events in the Bible. Interpreting events, like the fall of the wall of Jericho, the parting of the Red Sea as natural events, possess a challenge to any serious student of scripture. Any student seeking to understand and engage the world, both secular and religious, must understand the role God plays in natural process.

Why This Course Is Important:

Interpretation of natural events, have been attributed the wrath of the gods and now the scientific method drives most of the interpretation, therefore it is important for each student to grasp God’s intervention in nature.