HLT3300 Understanding Health & Nutrition Behaviors

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Lorna Shepherd Hylledig

Course Description:

Key food-related motivators drive nutrition behaviors and ultimately, health outcomes. This course focuses on understanding and positively influencing nutrition-related behaviors to promote health. Readings, class discussions, and writing assignments help students analyze nutrition behaviors. Case studies help students explore nutrition behaviors and ministry implications within various cultures.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Many factors influence nutrition behaviors, including the availability of food. Students investigate the past and present socio-political, cultural, economic influences upon nutrition behaviors, as well as individual factors. Students will be introduced to basic tools to assess nutrition, as well as motivational interviewing and other culturally relevant strategies to promote positive changes. Implications to food ministries are woven throughout, including biblical perspectives on nutrition and a Christians responsibility as a role model.

Why This Course Is Important:

Food is both necessary, and yet can be addictive. Lack of food resources, as well as an overabundance can drive behavior in ways that negatively impact health. This course is designed to help prepare the lay person interested in establishing a food-related ministry by understanding nutrition-related motivations and behaviors, as well as issues and trends.