HLT3510 Psychological Healthcare for the Military

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Hal Scott

Course Description:

Military members face psychological stressors, many of which were brought with them into the military service. This course will provide an overview of common psychological stressors with the corresponding programs and structures which address these issues.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Awareness of one’s psychological strength and vulnerablities is foundational to personal well being and ministering to others who are in distress. Students will gain foundational insight to the dynamics of stress so they may understand and have the basis for working with military memebers and veterans.

Why This Course Is Important:

Psycholigcal health is a core issue for military, their families, and veterans. Unerstanding their care systems is vital to assisting them finding and receiving appropriate assistance.