HLT4840 Program Planning in Community Health

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Debra Newell

Course Description:

Key concepts and applications introduced, discussed and mastered include needs assessment, community relationships (participatory continuum), funding opportunities, writing a plan including goals and desired outcomes, sustainability, implementation and evaluation tools and models, marketing strategies, and assessment of outcomes. Participants will develop and walk through each process in community through selection of an organization/organizations to work with, seeking appropriate input, and conducting a needs assessment. Participant program plan sections and completed plan will be critiqued by peers and graded by instructor.

How This Course Benefits Students:

A high percentage of implemented community health programs have less than sterling outcomes due to misalignment of some form: poor understanding of root challenges to be addresssed and public perception of how to remedy, accessibility, funding and sustainability, development of the assessment plan and data points in the beginning, in example. Whether ministry, volunteer, market /professional participation, knowing the planning, implementation and assessment process is key to appropriate resource utilization and service provision.

Why This Course Is Important:

Population-based health programs are often more accessible, relevant and affordable, particularly for health maintenance and health promotion and low-tech care provision. These services can also be provided at no charge or minimal charge to patients and participants because the service providers donate or cost-share time, and are less intensive care providers.