HLT6310 Health Promotion & Nutrition Education

Course Overview

Educational Level: Graduate, Master
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: STAFF

Course Description:

Beliefs, attitudes, and practices related to health and nutrition vary around the world. Course covers a range of topics including theoretical models for working with multicultural populations, nutrition program planning and evaluation, as well as health literacy. Students partner with local health or food-related organizations to provide nutrition education.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Health beliefs and nutrition practices are communicated from generation to generation within the family and community of origin. Students will learn about conducting a nutritional learning needs assessment, program planning, and evaluation. Readings and course content provide theory and research findings. Students will explore barriers and opportunities for biblically-based nutrition education by observing secular events.

Why This Course Is Important:

Course examines nutrition education and its wide-ranging implications for health and/or nutrition ministries. Students gains experience by partnering with a local health or food-related organization to create education materials and provide nutrition education. This course is designed to assist the lay person interested in creating and/or assisting with food and/or health related ministry in various settings.