HLT6330 Food Customs and Nutrition: Bridging to the Gospel

Course Overview

Educational Level: Graduate, Master
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: STAFF

Course Description:

Everyone eats! Faculty will guide students to analyze various food customs and their impact on nutrition. Students will learn how to harness food to build bridges in cross-cultural settings. Students will engage in a food custom, and create a culturally relevant Gospel presentation around it.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Everyone eats! Food can become an important bridge to, or hindrance for, sharing the Gospel. By investigating specific food-related beliefs and customs, students learn terms, and gain insight into health, illness, and nutrition expressions. Readings provide references and current research findings. Students engage in a food custom with the aim of increasing their awareness of and appreciation for diversity in food-related choices and practices.

Why This Course Is Important:

Food is essential, as well as symbolic. Jesus actively engaged in Passover, and encouraged his followers to keep Communion. Respect for customs and practices involving food can serve as a bridge for, or a barrier to, sharing the Gospel. By understanding the social and cultural reasons for food choices, Christians can connect with people at a foundational level. This course is designed to assist the lay person interested in creating and/or assisting with food and/or health related ministry in a cross-cultural setting.

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