ITM3500 Customer Relations Management Technologies

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits

Course Description:

This course explores customer relation management with the focus on technologies and relationships in business. The course will cover the following topics: technology and sales, territory management, technology marketing strategies, and management technologies problem solving.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Three major customer relationship management trends are 1. the improved efficiency and usability on mobile devices, 2. greater personalization with paid placements, and 3. further insight with touchpoint integration were outlined in (Maximizer, 2016). Students will be ready to enter into the ministry or career/volunteer opportunities with customer relation management technologies.

Why This Course Is Important:

Customer relation management technology is a vital part of todays world of technology. Technology can be found in numerous business, organizations, etc. and the skills and knowledge students learn will be vital in todays society. Students who desire to this career and Gods path will provide a better foundation as they enter into their future workplace, career, or mission work.