ITM5600 Foundations of Information Technology Management

Course Overview

Educational Level: Graduate, Master
Credit Hours: 3 Credits

Course Description:

Students will explore the foundations, processes, and practices of IT management within business and organizations. Topics covered in this course will include: IT foundation and management, social and socio-technical IT management, project management, and ethical IT practices, etc.

How This Course Benefits Students:

An article in by Donna Fuscaldo states, While no one is predicting that every person graduating college will get a job right out of the gate, those with technology and business skills will be in high demand (, 2016). The need for students to pursue a degree in this field is on the rise, which becomes a more marketable avenue for students.

Why This Course Is Important:

Students will gain the IT management skills and knowledge necessary and can take with them when entering a career, volunteer or missionary work. Students will be challenged in this course collaborating with their peers and engaging in scholarly research and projects to prepare them for real world experiences.