JRN4200 Multimedia Reporting

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits

Course Description:

Multimedia Reporting has three main focuses: News Research and Development – Finding and using primary and secondary souces. News Writing and Reporting -theories and practice in newswriting and reporting for multimedia, and Visual Communication – the use of images, Information graphics, photography and video all designed for web and mobile device and traditional news platforms. Topics cover how to investigate and create broadcast packages for breaking news, sports, and arts and entertainment, will also be explored in the class. Discussion will include media convergence, ethical, legal, and specifically copyright issues involved in multimedia news delivery, as well as how to use Blogs and Webcasts and social media for independent reporting. Lectures incorporate best practices on all topics

How This Course Benefits Students:

Students learn the principles of gathering and reporting news: Write news stories for varied audiences, across all media platforms. Understand the role of technology in digital storytelling Appreciate how digital media are changing the storytellers role in contemporary newsrooms. Transform traditional print and broadcast news stories for an on-line audience, television and radio news production. Create content specifically for the web and other forms of digital media.

Why This Course Is Important:

Mass communication theorist Marshall McLuhan predicted the advancement of media technology in one impactful statement, ” the medium is the message.” This means that the way a message is delivered impacts the way that message is interpreted. As deliverers of the gospel, the presentation should demonstrate the value of the message, sometimes more than the content of the message itself. In analogy, a reference to this in marketing can be compared to the value in packaging. A 3-carat diamond ring taken from the back pocket of an eager suitor, wrapped in a dirty handkerchief, belies it’s value and casts aspersions on the way it was acquired.