MIS3400 Worldview in Christian Witness

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor:  Dr. Curt Watke

Course Description:

This class will enable you to develop an ethnographic approach to understanding the worldviews of non-Christians. You will create an ethnography based on personal interviews focused on a specific cultural group you wish to explore. This ethnography will lead to a variety of approaches for evangelism in the context of diverse 21st century cultures.

How This Course Benefits Students:

All ministry today is multi-cultural and all ministry is carried on in a multi-cultural context. Worldviews significantly impact how the message of the Gospel is perceived. This course explores the dynamics of culture as an ever-changing framework for understanding reality and guides students to engage persons of various worldviews through on-going conversations based on assumptions people have about life.

Why This Course Is Important:

A worldview is an ever-changing set of ideas, beliefs and values that determine our assumptions about life. Assumptions are difficult to define because they are usually unconscious and they are constantly in a state of change and flux. By understanding another persons worldview through asking excellent questions, students will be able to develop a variety of approaches to evangelism in the context of diverse 21st century cultures.