MLV2400 Missional Practice for Everyday Life

Course Overview

Educational Level: Lower undergraduate, Associate
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Staff

Course Description:

The Church is lived out by ordinary people doing ordinary things in service to an extraordinary God. Designed to equip students to learn the practical and everyday practices of missional living, this course will equip students with best practices from a breath of missional leaders and communities globally and challenge them to begin to think critically about application to their context.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Students will survey the commonly used terms of missional ministry to build a vocabulary for practical understanding and networking with other leaders. In addition, students will explore the best practices of missional leaders and communities globally at the dawn of the 21st century and apply their own creative practices.

Why This Course Is Important:

Being missional is the practical, everyday life of Christ-followers fulfilling the Great Commission in the neighborhood. It is not a special event happening at a special time, it is the fleshing out of as we go, make disciples. It is crucial for todays leaders to understand the language and practices of missional living to apply it to their local context.