ORG3320 Volunteer Management in Non-Profit Organizations

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Carol Olsen

Course Description:

Examination of essential principles and procedures for leaders in non-profit organizations, focusing primarily on faith-based organizations. Students will develop a Biblical framework of volunteerism and explore the basic skills, methods and tools for developing and maintaining an effective volunteer program.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Non-profit organizations rely heavily on volunteers. The challenges of finding, guiding, retaining, and protecting volunteers are complex and ever-changing. The very Biblical principles at the heart of volunteer service may also lead to burnout, conflict, legal problems, and other unexpected consequences. In this course, students will explore basic management principles and best practices needed for a variety of volunteer-intensive ministry organizations.

Why This Course Is Important:

Leaders who join or create non-profit organizations that rely heavily on volunteers need the skills and Biblical foundation that address the unique characteristics of volunteers. Pieces of volunteer management are often included in other courses. This course explores the topics together as they apply specifically to faith-based non-profit organizations.