PCC4200 Spiritual Caregiving in Crises & Disasters

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits

Course Description:

This course will assist the student to develop a basic understanding of how to provide spiritual caregiving in crises and disasters and it will equip them to support and/or participate in such ministry in either a professional or voluntary capacity. Emphasis will be placed on the differences between caregiving during a crisis/disaster and routine pastoral care.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Ministry during a crisis or disaster has many facets that are unique to that role; this course will provide the orientation and understanding needed by students to be effective in applying the principles of crisis and disaster spiritual care. Person who respond to disaster need to understand these principles and be able to apply them.

Why This Course Is Important:

People are in spiritual danger during a crisis or disaster. Long-term damage can be inflicted, not only by the disaster or crisis, but also by well-meaning but unskilled responders. This course can help prevent this long-term damage by proper implementation of the principles it teaches.