REL6651 Analysis of Buddhism in Western Cultural Contexts

Course Overview

Educational Level: Graduate, Master
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. George Terry

Course Description:

Assessment of the historical and sociological factors that explain the transformation of Buddhism as it has moved from her traditional Asian homeland into European and North American contexts and Buddhisms growing influence in the West. Students will analyze the encounter of Buddhism with Western philosophy, theism, and culture, all of which have shaped the rise and expression of Buddhism in the West.

How This Course Benefits Students:

The Western context shaped the expression of Buddhism as it expanded into Europe and North America. To develop effective approaches to Western Buddhists, students need not only the core teachings of Buddhism, but also an understanding of the Western variations and adaptations.

Why This Course Is Important:

As traditional Buddhism moved into Western culture, its followers adapted it and adopted forms that influenced — and were influenced by — the Western context. Students who engage Buddhists in communities in Europe and North America need to be aware of and equipped to engage the many different expressions of Buddhism in the West.