BUS4220 Strategic Management

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: STAFF

Course Description:

The Strategic Management course is the last class in the undergraduate business program at Missional University and serves as the Capstone course for the Business program. Students’ will be required to develop a business from the ground up, based on all of the course content they had in the undergraduate business program. The Capstone project for each student will start the first week of class and the final week of class, students’ will present their research findings within a course presentation in MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. The student will be required to develop his/her business based on: Identifying the firms overview and research bibliography: 1) Vision & Mission statements. 2) Internal & External analyses (SWOT Analysis, industry competitor analysis, and identifying the business level strategy of their firm by Porter). 3) Develop and identify resource capabilities of the firm and potential capabilities that lead to core competencies (Porters Five Forces Model). 4) Strategy development for the firm based on (Porter’s generic strategies). 5) Development of Corporate level strategies 6) Development of an International Strategy (Porters Diamond Model) 7) Strategic implementation processes for the firm. 8) Strategic leadership and entrepreneurship development. Student skills will be developed by both understanding the course content and applying the course content for their capstone course project for this class. Ethical business practices will be taught throughout this course, and; how it applies to a Christian perspective from the Holy Bible.

How This Course Benefits Students:

The Strategic Management class introduces students to a wide range of strategic management topics, such as: Vision & Mission statements, Internal & External analyses, SWOT Analysis, industry competitor analysis, business level strategies, Resource capabilities of the firm based on Resource Based View, Capabilities to core competencies, Porters Five Forces Model, Strategy development for a firm, Porter’s generic strategies, Development of Corporate level strategies, Development of an International Strategic plan, Porters Diamond Model, Strategic implementation processes, Strategic leadership, and Entrepreneurship development. This course will both introduce new strategic management concepts and the student will be required to apply these concepts within their capstone course project for this class. Ethical business practices will be a primary focus throughout this course based on the Holy Bible.

Why This Course Is Important:

Ethics in business is a very important topic today. Business ethics taught from the Holy Bible is necessary especially from the word of God. Mission oriented individuals with training in ethical business practices will change the essence of business practices.