SWK4130 Social Work Practice in Healthcare

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Prof. Scott Dixon

Course Description:

This course introduces the student to the vast array of positions one may have as a social worker in the field of healthcare. Students will interview social workers employed in the health profession of their choice. There will be focus on theories of health behavior and the role of religion and spirituality in health. This course examines sexual health, substance abuse problems, and oncology.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Healthcare is a field that is currently in demand. This course will outline the various opportunities in the healthcare field for social workers. This course can also be utilized by anyone who anticipates a future in ministry, which would likely include ministry to the sick in some capacity.

Why This Course Is Important:

The healthcare field is rapidly growing. There is a vast amount of opportunities for employment as a social worker in the field of healthcare. With focus on both professionalism and ministry, this course prepares students for a whole approach to serving the sick.