THC6140 Postmodern Theology in Context

Course Overview

Educational Level: Graduate, Master
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: ?????

Course Description:

A critical theological reflection in light of the deconstruction practices of postmodern thought. Students will identify and contrast key aspects of biblical, orthodox, and historical Christianity within the context of cultural relativism and pluralism. This course will help students name their own practical theology within this current theological reality.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Students will survey the macro-shifts in epistemology from Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance and Modern thinking and understand the context of Postmodernism within that macro-evolution. Participants will explore the modern-day reformation theology of emerging church, progressive Christianity and other thought movements on the peripheral to critically analyze their own theology for missional practice.

Why This Course Is Important:

Biblical, historic and orthodox Christianity finds itself seemingly under scrutiny as its tenets born in Modern thinking are now being widely deconstructed by Postmodern theologians. This course challenges students to explore the critical questions, assesses heretical thought and name their own theological convictions within the Postmodern context.