THM4230 Sensitivity Towards Outsiders: Early Christian Missional Ethics

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Thomas Grafton

Course Description:

Addresses the ethics of missiology in terms of how those outside the Church are viewed and treated by those within it. The early Churchs posture towards outsiders will be assessed for the purposes of imitating their strategies and perspectives. We will assess group identity and behavior towards others through the social sciences, applying this both to the text and the contemporary Church. The course will include readings, lectures, discussion forums, an essay, an exam, and a hands on service project.

How This Course Benefits Students:

In this course students will critically reflect on the way they view those outside the Christian community. The importance of empathy, sensitivity, and understanding will be explored for the sake of developing compassionate students who engage those deemed to be others with the good news.

Why This Course Is Important:

As Christians engage in missions and ministry of all varieties, it is important to reflect on the way that those outside the Christian community are treated and viewed. This is a crucial component to our witness. A Christian ethic for our approach towards outsiders and those deemed as others informs and impacts the way Christians evangelize and minister to them.