THM4400 Themes in Christian Theology

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Greg Kame

Course Description:

Explores the major topics of Christian theology and their interrelationships. Students will learn how to form personal convictions on Scripture, God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Sin, Salvation, the Church and Last Things. Students will engage in group discussions, book reviews, research papers, quizzes, and other assignments to help them grasp the major doctrines in Christian theology.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Many Christians express no interest in theology. They claim all they need is Jesus as he is seen in the Bible. However, every person has a theology, whether or not they have articulated it. Theology is the taproot of life. All of life is influenced by ones theology. This course will give the student insight into the major themes of Christian theology and the ability to express, teach, and minister from a Biblically consistent theological foundation.

Why This Course Is Important:

This course will help students have a general understanding of some of the themes that are central to Christian theology as both an academic and practical discipline of study. This knowledge will enable them to engage thoughtfully in ministry as missional leaders for change and transformation in the church and community for Gods glory.