THS5110 Issues in Theology of Illness & Healthcare

Course Overview

Educational Level: Graduate, Master
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Thomas Grafton

Course Description:

Students will be provided a theological framework with which to engage those who experience pain and hardship. The course will address the importance of holistic mission through caring for the pastoral, spiritual, medical, and health-related needs of those experiencing illnesses, disabilities, cancer, etc. Assessment items include reading, lectures, case-study projects, discussion forums, and service projects.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Any student involved in the medical field, nursing, healthcare, etc, will be equipped for appropriate Christian ministry in these areas with a theological framework for appropriate counsel and care. Beyond this, since everyone faces forms of suffering, hardship, and disease in this world, this course will help students place these ubiquitous experiences into the larger theological framework of Gods purposes and plans for his creation.

Why This Course Is Important:

Suffering is a universal experience, and our missional efforts will inevitably have to face the challenges posed by pain. For this reason, we must be equipped with a proper theological framework about such matters so that we can know best how to love, serve, and provide care in whatever capacity we can in accordance with our gifts and callings.