CHP5040 Trends & Issues in Church Planter Supervision

Course Overview

Educational Level: Graduate, Master
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Terry Coy

Course Description:

Church planters are expected by their partners prayer, funding, denominational to be fruitful. This course will examine the basis, the philosophies, the methods, and the dynamics of planter supervision. The student will obtain tools, resources, and strategies for positive and healthy planter supervision and accountability.

How This Course Benefits Students:

One of the primary reasons for church planting failures lies in the church planter himself. He may be overworked or lazy; he may have neglected his family and fallen to temptation; he may have the wrong strategy and is not teachable; he may have experienced conflict and is simply discouraged and ready to quit. If these kinds of issues are not identified and quickly addressed by an astute and compassionate supervisor, the planter and the plant will suffer. The goal of this course is for the student to be aware of and prepared for: 1). The multiple issues faced by the planter, whether personal, family, relationship, or strategic; 2) The various methods for addressing these issues; 3) options for assisting, teaching, guiding, and resourcing the planter.

Why This Course Is Important:

There is the occasional church planter who prefers to be a “Lone Ranger.” Most planters need and appreciate positive, truthful, and healthy supervision. The supervisory challenge is to have the understanding and the tools to adapt to the personality and the context of the planter, the precise focus of this course.