UMS2100 Urban Mission for Everyday Life

Course Overview

Educational Level: Lower undergraduate, Associate
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Sean Benesh

Course Description:

Dive into the Old Testament and examine God’s plan or blueprint for how we’re to live and function in the city as a covenant people. There are many principles, examples, and ideas that offer the modern-day urban Christian a working template of how we can follow God in the city.

How This Course Benefits Students:

With the focus being on urban mission for everyday life it means that the scope of this course is for anyone who lives in the city who is a follower of Jesus. The ranges from ministry leaders to those in the professional world and everyone in between. What would it look like for an urban planner, an architect, an artist, a barista, a bike mechanic, or computer programmer to catch a vision (practically and theologically) for how God wants them to faithfully live in the city? Any and every degree-seeking student should take this regardless of their career paths.

Why This Course Is Important:

As Christians are confronted with an ever-increasingly urbanizing world we need to learn to be at home in the city. Not simply living there, but at home where we are familiar and comfortable in an urban environment so that we know how to live out the gospel in these settings.