YFM2200 Intro to Gerontology

Course Overview

Educational Level: Lower undergraduate, Associate
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Debra Newell

Course Description:

This is a survey course familiarizing multiple disciplines of students with the terminology, concepts, and scope of social, cultural and health topics of importance in any type of engagement of older persons. Students will gain an intimate understanding of the theories of aging, stereotypes, lifespan aging, models of aging, and caregiving. Biopsychosocial model of aging. Additionally students will be introduced to a broad range of professional involvements serving seniors.

How This Course Benefits Students:

Intro to Gerontology is applicable to social work, allied health, psychology, pre-med, nursing professions. With rare exception, all ministry and volunteer positions will involve interaction with and or service to older persons in some capacity. To NOT know the basics is to short-change oneself and the people with whom you interact in community. In almost every country, the proportion of people aged over 60 years is growing faster than any other age group, as a result of both longer life expectancy and declining fertility rates. This population ageing can be seen as a success story for public health policies and for socioeconomic development, but it also challenges society to adapt, in order to maximize the health and functional capacity of older people as well as their social participation and security. (WHO http://www.who.int/topics/ageing/en/ retrieved 11/15/16. )

Why This Course Is Important:

To not understand aging is to deny an integral part of self, family and society.