YFM3120 Spiritual Care in Marriage & Family Therapy

Course Overview

Educational Level: Upper undergraduate, Bachelor
Credit Hours: 3 Credits
Instructor: Dr. Ken Larimore

Course Description:

Principles and process of integrating spiritual care giving in marriage and family therapy. This course is a mid-level overview and practice of the principles and practice of Marriage Counseling with an emphasis upon the distinction of Christian values and perspective. Along with reading and written assignments; the last four weeks will include a practicum in marriage counseling. The practicum may take place in a counseling center or in the students own setting.

How This Course Benefits Students:

There are three pitfalls that Marriage and Family Therapists most easily learn through supervision. They are: not allowing the couple to focus on the negative; confronting the belief that the counseling can be used as a leverage to change the other person and confronting the myth that an improved relationship with Christ will immediately change the relationship. Providing spiritual care in any form of counseling is based upon Biblical knowledge and practice. Part of spiritual care is opening the wound in order to drain the infection. This includes helping the couple to understand that the way that they respond to problems goes back to old childhood learning patterns. Second having the mind of Christ is not a gift. The capacity for the mind of Christ is a gift, but the mind of Christ develops through worship, fellowship, study and service. Only as the individual develops the mind of Christ will old patterns of behavior be removed and replaced. Spiritual Care is provided as the therapist teaches each individual to refrain from those action that close the other persons spirit. Spiritual care is also supplied when both parties learn to scrape away the barnacles of resentment and understand that trust is only gained by consistency over time.

Why This Course Is Important:

Learning best takes place when the didactic is woven together with the experiential