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Course Schedules at Missional University

Prior to each academic term, a provisional list of courses is posted. Sixty days before the start of the academic term, a permanent list of courses is posted and registration is open to all enrolled students.

Course schedules at Missional University run on an 8-week cycle with a one week break between terms for students to finish the last class and prepare for the next. Because of the brevity of the classes students are encouraged to stay abreast of weekly assignments and not fall behind to keep up with the pace of the class.  Generally speaking, the class will involve approximately 45 hours of class interaction (a little over 5 hours a week), and another 90 hours of dedication outside the class (textbook readings, video viewings, practical application, or other assignment preparation) to study and prepare for the class interactions. The classes are offered entirely online in an asynchronous environment with prestigious international faculty who are experts in their field of study and committed to mentoring students. Class size is limited to 20 students to ensure plenty of faculty access and interaction.  Every class incorporates numerous aspects of the six missional core values to ensure a thorough-going competency-based curriculum.