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Unique Programs, Missional Careers

We offer unique programs designed to equip you for highly specialized careers you won't find anywhere else. And, our courses are all integrated with our six core values: biblically-based, missionally-driven, interculturally-focused, contextually-informed, practically-minded, and experientially-transformed. We offer associate, bachelor, master certificates and degree programs. And we offer doctoral programs in select areas. Our programs relate to one of the following themes and each enable graduates to serve in the mission of God in the world. Feel free to explore by clicking on the links below!


School of Missional Practice

Careers Living Life as Mission

Developing Faith Communities

Practicing Missional Lifestyles

Serving Emerging Generations

Serving Mliitary & Veterans

School of Community Ministry

Careers Transforming Communities

Healthcare for People

Managing Crises

Providing Community Services

Serving Military Families

Serving Offenders & Victims

Serving Spiritual Needs

Serving Vulnerable Groups

School of Creative Expression

Careers Communicating Creatively

Creating Compelling Stories

Telling Compelling Stories

Communicating Across Cultures

Designing Visual Communication

Producing Community Music

Managing Digital Technology


School of Ecological Mission

Careers Caring for Creation

Caring for the World

Healthcare for People

Spatial Care for the Mission



School of Theological Studies

Careers Joining God's Mission

Applying Scripture to Mission

Applying Scripture to People

Applying Scripture to Society

Studying the Biblical Text